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Webroot is suddenly blocking Facebook.  Every time I try to go to the FB page, I get this message.  How to fix this?


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Same. An explanation and a fix would be great.
Same here too :(
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Same here.  I had to click unblock to get on.
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Same. I requested a review.
Me too.  I hope they get on it.
Yep, same here:

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Thanks.  I wonder if there is some kind of malware that has turned up on Facebook.  Facebook has a lot of nosey apps.  I don't do the Facebook games or quizzes because they harvest too much information.
I'm getting blocked too.  That's why I just signed up for this discussion group.  I sent a review request to Webroot as well. I'm in Calif.
I gave up and did the same thing.  clicked 'unblock'.
Can't unblock as far as I can tell from using the Chrome extension... how do you do that?
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Same here, I guess tech support should be getting notices- someday.
I find it interesting that Webroot gives you the option to sign in using Facebook but is blocking Facebook.  Blocked on our laptops but can't find any reason why.
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my webroot is also blocking facebook saying its a phishing site
need help to unblock facebook
I'm on Chrome too.  Just scroll down and click "unblock"
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i get the exact same message..wonder why some people dont get this and others do..weird
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Hello Everyone. Webroot is working on this issue as fast as they can. But you can hit unblock at the bottom of the screen.

Hi, there is not "unblock" link for my users -I assuem I have to change a setting via the msp control panel?

There is no 'Unblocking " option for me either. 😞
I am having the same issue with Webroot blocking access to Facebook. I did notice that it is only occurring when I use Mozilla.
Not fixed here 🙂. I have even tried "refreshing my configuration"
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Hello Poohx13,
Thank you!
I believe you are correct. Facebook on Chrome is working without a block and you can use Microsoft Edge is working as well.Because there isn't a Webfilter there.
I am using Chrome and Facebook is being Blocked with NO option to Unblock
I just tried again and entered through the link with the red warning sign and it allowed me, but it is still showing as High Risk website