Can the user disable WSA's "component disabled" warning?

  • 16 January 2014
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Your software allows me to disable phishing and threat websites but once I do it wont seem to allow me to ignore alerts that I have just disabled those feautres. Very annoying!
can I fix this on my end? Thanks!

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2 replies

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That is a security feature to make sure that the user knows they have disabled some protection. All AVs do this to make sure that the user doesn't accidentally turn off a shield and to make sure that they do know and that they are not being protected by that particular shield(s). I don't think there is a way to disable the alerts and in my humble opinion I don't think that would be advisable to disable those alerts because it is important that people know if part or all of their protection isn't active.

Shran 😃
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I can understand your answer but one way or the other the way it works is silly.
Bitdefender for example, as well as BullGuard, allow the user to disable a component and then they also issue a warning that it is disabled. However they also allow the user to disable that warning.
I think users can be trusted to turn off warnings that component is disabled, if you alreay trust the user enough to allow them to disable the component to begin with!
Oh well, not a big deal i guess... thanks for the info 🙂