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  • 26 March 2015
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What is the process to connect my wife's I Pad to this system.  The package I purchased allows 3 devices.  I have my computer on this system and would like to include the I Pad.

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Hello TomRyan,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
At this time, there is not an antivirus option available for Apple iOS devices. Because of how Apple manages the apps available in their App Store, there is not a need for one currently. This may change in the future but at this time is is extremly hard/almost impossible to infect an iPad.
You can read this also here at the KB article here.
Then look at this KB article to add your iPad to the online Console.
Webroot does offers SecureWeb free so you can download from the App Store to protect your internet browsing, 
You can find this by searching for "Webroot" in the App Store on your Apple iOS device.
For more information on this product, please use the information below.
Webroot SecureWeb
Hope this helps and if you need anything else do give us a holler!
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