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  • 20 November 2012
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I just uprgraded my webroot and everytime I open internet explorer I get a message that tells me:
A Webroot Critical Error Has Occurred
I had to reinstall the program do to a sytem recovery. I had Antivirus with Spy Sweeper and upgraded to Webroot Secure Anywhere. Any solutions to this problem?

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10 replies

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Hello Bbaughn, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
You may want to read this post: https:///t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/Two-versions-of-Webroot-installed-at-once/ta-p/6914
I did the removal tool. Thanks for the information. Now when I click "access my console" it opens a web page to create an account. I already have an account. I can not register the same key twice. In addition when i manually log into my console it shows my computer twice.
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I think to correct the web console issue you will have to Submit a Support Ticket for they can get your account in one place since you had two different versions of Webroot and the new My Webroot web console or you can wait till tomorrow and a staff member will be happy to help you.

EDIT: I forgot to Welcome you to the Webroot Community Forums so Welcome! ;)
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Hi Bbaughn,
Please respond to your support ticket with the specific error messages you are receiving and the keycode you are using.
I sent my keycodes via the support ticket.
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Please log in to your MyWebroot account and let me know if your Passwords tab says "Set up Passwords" or "Go to Passwords".  Please click "Set up Passwords" if it is available. If it is not, please uninstall SecureAnywhere, followed by a reboot and then a fresh reinstallation of SecureAnywhere.
Please try to log in to your toolbar after you have completed these steps and reply with your results.
I clicked on passwords tab and nothing showed up. preparing to uninstall and reboot.
I did the uninstall, reboot, and reinstall as directed. I still can not log in using the toolbar. I went back to mysecureanywhere checked the passwords tab and still nothing. I have no problem logging into the secureanywhere, but nothing else works.
My iphone app says wrong information
the toolbar says: email not found
The "access your web console still brings me to a create an account. When i input the information it says that the key is already registered.
TY for your support,
Brian B
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I have added these notes to your support ticket and I will check for the tecnhicians response. You can add a response with a phone number and a good time to call to the support ticket as well. A remote session may be necessary to troubleshoot further.
Posted Phone Numer to my support ticket, Thank you