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  • 31 May 2013
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I am currently using Windows 7 x64 PC and using Webroot Secure AnyWhere AV.
I normally tend to do a quick deep scan to check for Malware(s). Never has Webroot detected any Malware(s) when I do a Deep scan but now for some reason when I did a full scan it says "active threats: 5" and "Threats Removed: 8".
I understand that maybe Deep scan did not detect few Malware(s). Then I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and ran a scan with that as well to find few malware with the following name:
  1. Trojan:Win32/Delf.M
  2. VirTool:WinNt/Siapag.gen!B
  3. Backdoor:Win32/Farfli.A
  4. Trojan:Win32/Lodap!rts
  5. Exploit:Win32/CplLnk.B
Webroot does remove few Malware(s) I have on my system but for some reason there are few Active Threats. Why does Webroot not remove them from system. I did a custom scan to scan all my 'C:' drive then I did a Deep scan then I did a Full scan. Why has Webroot still not detect these Malware(s). 
Other Information:
Some times it says there are no threats then next scan it says there are why is that. 

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6 replies

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If you can reply with the full detection logs from Micrsoft security essentials (MSE) it would be extremely useful to diagnose this. Those detected files may be the leftovers of a previously removed infection or may be sitting dormant. Its very hard to say exactly until I get more info. I would also like some diagnostic logs from our own product. Can you create a support ticket just so everybody has visibility on this issue too?
1. Download Webroot's log-gathering utility from the following link:

2. Save the file to your Desktop (or the preferred Download folder of your web browser).  

3. Once it has finished downloading, double-click the wsalogs.exe file on your Desktop to run it.

4. In the box labeled "Email:", enter the same email address you used for this support site.  

5. Click the "Go!" button to begin the log gathering process.

Expect the utility to take between 1 to 10 minutes to gather the necessary information.  The run time depends on various factors on your computer, including the size of the Webroot software logs and the compression speed of the computer.  This utility is designed to gather extended logs from the Webroot software and basic system information.

The utility will gather the necessary information and will attempt to return it automatically via a secure dropbox connection (please allow PSCP.exe through your firewall, if asked). A copy of the logs will also be present on your Desktop, named in the following fashion "wsalogs_email@you.set_date-time.7z".  The utility will then attempt to return you to this web page, please leave a message letting us know you have sent the requested logs.

If at the conclusion of running the wsalogs utility you are not returned to this web page, please use the "Send Feedback" button or "Help and Support" link in the Webroot SecureAnywhere main overview screen of the application to get back here in order to leave a message letting us know the requested logs have been sent.

Roy Tobin,

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Hello spaceworm and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I was going to suggest getting a trouble ticket filed, but it looks like Roy has faster fingers than I do this morning 🙂
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@ Was your issue resolved, or do you need any further assistance with this?
Yes sorry, it has been resolved. Thanks! 
I found out it was a left over becuase I used GMER and other security utillities in order to confirm if it was a real but persistent infection or left overs. 
I have sent the requested files. Please let me know if yhou receive it. Thanks
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Hello TCBrown,
Webroot Support, I think, will be getting in touch with you, so make sure you watch for a reply notification via email.
Being the holiday weekend, whie many staff are indeed on vacation and so all phone lines are currently unavailable, the online Ticket System is still operational 24/7, though response times might be longer than usual.