disabling or shutting down protection

  • 21 September 2016
  • 3 replies

I am unable to shutdown protection.  I am trying to download MP3 rocket and it keeps deleting the download.
I tried right clicking WEBROOT icon and there is no option to shut down protection.

3 replies

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Hi kweimer
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If you right clicked on the Desktop icon then that is why you will find no shutdown option. You need to right click on the notificaiton tray icon (Green circle with 'W' in it) to get the 'Shutdown protection' option.
If however WSA is preventing you from downloading something then please make sure that you are downloading the app/files from the author's own or recommended website rather than a 3rd party download site. As the latter often bundle 'extras' into the installers WSA will detect them an in many instances block as a result of this.
Give the above a try and get back to us with an update.
Regards, Baldrick
All that is there when I right click the tray green circle with a W is:  webroot secure anywhere, unpin from task bar, and close window.
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Where did you purchase your subscription of WSA and which version do you have installed, as what you are describing is completely at odds with what I see when I right click the tray icon?