does my subscription cover an employees laptop?

  • 11 August 2016
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Does my subscription cover an employees laptop?

1 reply

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Hi Apsim309
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Well, you have posted in the Home side of the Community rather than the Business side so it may be that we should move your thread/post to there. Let me know if you are indeed in the area and we can move it for you.
Having said that in terms of the Consumer/Home license if you have a multiple device subscription then you can install and protect any device you want and in any combination, i.e., you could share a 5 device subscription with your Family; yourslef, Spouse & two children and give the spare seat to a good do that all they need is to have access to your keycode, install WSA and then activate the installation using the keycode.
But as I said that is how you could cover an employees laptop using a C onsuker/Home subscription but you may wwant to check things out on the Business side if yo uhave an Endpoint Security subscription.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick