does my WSA AV license work for Mac As well?

  • 20 January 2014
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Is it true that my current WSA AV license works on both PC and Mac? thus I don't have to buy another license if I were to purchase a Mac Book?
That's awesome if it's true no other AV does this
I assume the license cannot be used on the PC and Mac at the same time right? one at a time only?

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4 replies

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You are correct on all counts! :)

It should indeed work on your Mac, but no, not at the same time as your PC.

To move it from the PC to the Mac, simply uninstall it while connected to the internet. I would suggest you also log into the Account Console to verify that the PC correctly deactivated upon uninstall.
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What if he has a 3 seat license? Would it still be only able to be on one at a time?

Shran 😃
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I am sorry, I am used to the AV being a single seat license. If it is a 3 seat, it can be installed on any 3 compatible devices at one time, and that can be any mix of PC and/or Mac devices :)

Good question Commander! I should have been more clear!
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Not a problem at all, David 😃