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     I would appreciate more insight on this subject of Emails and how Webroot protects your system. Now I have contacted support and asked them when incoming mail arrives I have (Windows Live Mail)  does Webroot scan these emails, I was told no.....however the shield components would address that issue if I was to download a malicious file and neutralize it.

     Now to my point........when I receive emails and click on the email to view.............That could trigger a malicious code or start of a malicious exec................will Webroot protect and neutralize this..............

     How does Webroot protect mail coming in????

Appreciate your insight on this, as I am a new customer.

Thanks in advance.


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WSA is a very smart Antivirus and does not waste time scanning emails but if you open the attachment that comes with the Spam email then WSA would jump in as most malware comes in a zip file which is harmless until opened and executed. Also have a look at this video to see what happens when WSA misses a virus.
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Tony, malicious e-mails usually contain a link or an attachment (file) and text inside mail incites you to click on them, if you click on a link or an attachment WSA will scan them on execution and if any malicious code or behaviour is recognized by WSA it will block them from running. The power of WSA is that it scans files on execution what is very smart solution. The intact file even being infected or being a source of infection is harmless, it may be dangerous only when executed but there is WSA to take care then.
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thank you for your help. Much appreciated
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Your advise is appreciated, thanks
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You're very welcome! ;)
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Glad I could help you out. The more you get know about WSA the more you will be satisfied with your decision to entrust the protection of your machine to WSA.
it has been suggested that  i disable the virus scan feature integration for outlook. i am getting duplicate emails from yahoo email to my Outlook email. how do i disable that feature?
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Hello sas1007,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
I would not disable the virus scan feature in Outlook. But that is just my opinion.
Please look here which might help duplicate emais in Yahoo
Then from my research I found this:
:Try changing the settings for Outlook/Outlook Express so it doesn't leave a copy of the message on the server.. For example, open Outlook, click on Tools-Email Accounts-"View or Change existing accounts", select the account and click "Change". Click the "More Settings" button and look on the "Advanced" tab. UNCHECK the box that says: "Leave Copy of Message on Server". Both Outlook and Outlook Express will have similar settings.:
Hope this helps?
Webroot SecureAnywhere is blocking opening email attachments in Windows Live Mail. I have turned off Webroot protection and opening email attachments works. These are necessary documents to print. If I right the attachments and select to save the docs to hard drive, I can open these with no problem. Have tried unselecting several different settings within Webroot, rebooted the system twice to test settings and all appears ok until the system sets unused for a couple of hours or overnight. 
I want to continue to use Webroot for my protection but this is driving me crazy..........did not have this problem until recently.
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@, I've created a support case on your behalf with our Team to ensure this is addressed in a timely manner.