error c:PORGRA~2MYSCRA~2ar1.binAppIntegrator.exe

  • 14 February 2016
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I keep getting the following error on my computer and unsure how to resolve the issue.

2 replies

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Hello sehorst,
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I find this is Aggrevator exe. in my opinion this could be PUA removal gone bad .
 What I am thinking is WSA actually did remove the PUA but it failed to fix all reigstry entries. Leaving references to the program  Neverless please submit a Support Ticket and they will clean up and esculate the removal process to be fixed.
This service is free of charge with a subscription! They will gladly assist you with this issue.
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Hi sehorst
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If I may add to what Sherry has posted and recommed that you review this previous post on the subject as it contains some useful information.
Regards, Baldrick