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  • 16 April 2014
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Hi my beloved insomian, crazy geek guys and girls (Have girls here?). I dont have a thecnical cuestion only an opinion i am software tester from hispasoftware and social research as you know i am new on webroot and ok i am not habituated to the way if it works because i use another softwares who give too much pop ups: one for incoming conection, other for outcoming, other for trust app, other for not trust app, other for virus acces to hard drive, other for virus removal, other for virus can not access, other for say the product are update, other to say to buy the pro version and give a tshirt of the newyork yankees (Sarcasm).
Webroot are very silencious, very passive, quietly, dont say me nothing, only it works well. I try diferent combos, and say names because to share my experience: Avast. Quihoo, Bitdefender, Bullguard, and one of my favorite ones lavasoft. I see a very slow down and i dont have a trash machine, I see a several conflicts, crashes, and i think somethings. For example some one of that products bypass eicar test let eicar download and then remove. 
In the begining i dont trust too much on webroot because that bypass eicar, and the explication dont give me too much convinced. Ok Continue. I think if other products bypass eicar and then remove it and all traces its because the explication give by webroot comunity is true. A virus is only a file while it not execute, if you execute it, you will infected, and a if a virus (malware, trojan, etc) makes something by itself webroot can detect, because monitor all process and apps. Its very silencious but it does and its good.
I see one more thing for example adaware or virueses. Too much products thinks to delete file its the only thing who they have to done, but have registry keys and another infection traces who they dont take in count and webroot yes. I see no vrus traces.
I think webroot its a very good product and very competitive by itself, the prouct and the people here show me that, evengelized me, and i trust not because some one says "hey webroot is cool" no, its because i test by myself, and in various sstems  and see his efectivility.
I think we are habituated to see pop ups, error mensajes, and can not belive something works well.
In my post i looking for a combo but  not now webroot and my win patrol (To see process and x things) gives me all protection and safetly and pop ups i need.
I have 1 mb of internet (I am a poor guy) but whith webroot ie and chrome are too fast i discover my problem not are the insinginicant 1mb the problem was heavy solutions.
We dont need to scare to feel secure. I use linux os too ubuntu, linux mint, redhat, debian, kubuntu, lubuntu and all who ends on buntu, and never have problems (Only dont like linux based systems because office grammar and ortography correction are too necesary because i wirte very fast and i have students who wirte whith they feets jejeje). But go back to the point i come to linux based systems and in that time i learn i dont neet nothing to scare me "Virus alert" "Sys error" "BSOD" to feel me secure, to feel my system do something.
Its dificult adopt and understand a new model of security  totally diferent who that who you are habituated, but i feel secure and stable whith webroot.
I have a lot of problems by other things (not webroot), and i see the forum very passive no new topics, i see only are active when some one new comes and i think thats is not good maybe we can start  posting polls (Encuestas) Cuestions organized as a knlowge base but of experiences in this forum for example a post about
Why you decide for webroot as your main and only line of defense ? ( My answer above)
Whats the worst windows problem you can solve and how?  (The mine was a corrupt system who solve whith two comands  Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and then sfc /Scannow  the corruption are too heavy because dont let function security software) (One second problem was a corruption of bcd (more know as mbr) who corrupted boot order in windows and bios I solve rebulid bcd whith easy bcd and restoring the entry of my os whith a windows 8 recovery disk starting in comand line cmd and puting bootrec /rebuildbcd i know are more complex scenarios but it works for me)
Whats your combo before webroot? (The mine was principally lavasoft and webroot and avast and webroot but i decide for webroot for the reazons explained above)
Whats your most riskly activity and how do you survive whith that in the new digital world ? (The mine are test software and download series and music)
What another forums you frecuent?
What software you use?
How can you improve your windows stability?
Maybe some cuestions are not allowed but will be interesting see your answers  but organizately one cuestion and much opinions for post maybe that let users know webroot thecnology and webroot human side.
Good Bless You Dear Comunity

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