• 19 April 2013
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I'm trying to recover from a system crash caused by malware.  I've just installed WebRoot.  Now I'm trying to install a piece of software called deepMesh, but every time I try WebRoot flags something called ext_maketext.exe and quarantines it.  Does anyone have any idea what this maketext is?  Is it really a virus or some other kind of malware?

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9 replies

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Hello Mike and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. ;)
To me it could be some sort of Adware or PUP included with deepMesh to be sure it`s not Malware you will have to Submit a Support Ticket and they can gather some logs and let you know.
Thanks.  I'll try to figure out how to submit one of these support tickets.
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Just click this link! and put your email address that is associated with your License Keycode then select Threat Found/False Positive from the drop down and explain what's happening then they will contact you with more information. You could even point them to this thread.
Thanks.  I figured it out.  I think I chose something other than False Positive, but I'm sure they'll get the message.  I have heard back from deepMesh now.  They insist it is a false positive. 
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Thanks for posting back I'm sure Support will let you know for sure either way and if turns out to be a FP they will correct the detection. 😉 Please let us know the outcome.
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Speaking of deepMesh, a couple of years ago Emsisoft Antimalware also used to flag it as malware. They said it was not a fp. Now I use neither deepMesh nor EAM.
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Just saw the ticket, its a FP that has now been corrected. A deep scan will fix the issue for you.
Open the Webroot Software:

1. Click PC Security in the top tab of the Webroot Secure Anywhere window.
2. Open the Scan tab.
3. Click the Custom Scan link.
4. The default scan option is "Deep". Click Scan.

This will start a Deep Scan of your system. Please let us know if these actions have not resolved the issue.

Thanks, Roy.
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Thanks Roy for chiming in! ;)