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  • 18 December 2012
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I recently replaced my laptop and installed Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2013 (along with installing all my other software).  It seems to interfere with my external keyboard (but doesn't interefere with the Bluetooth mouse).  I can type in my password for the computer at start-up and then one more keystroke.  Thought it might be the Bluetooth keyboard, so I gave up and bought a USB keyboard.  Same problem.  After a lot of frustration trying to identify the source of the problem, I finally did a factory reset and reinstalled every piece of software individually with a restart and test of the keyboard at each step.  Webroot blocks the keyboard.  Is there a setting or something I can do on Webroot to allow an external keyboard (running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on Dell Inspiron i15R-1633sLV 15.6-Inch Laptop).

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I haven't seen one of these cases in quite a while. A handful of them were resolved quite a while back in an update. I'd say about 80% of them were resolvable just by updating the keyboard driver though, which was the quick fix. It's possible you're using an outdated driver, particularly if you installed it from a disc that came with the keyboard. If you go into Device Manager, right-click the device, choose to update the driver, and restart, does that help you after the reboot? It wouldn't hurt to do this with all of the Human Interface Devices in that list.

If that doesn't help, please open a support case, because support will want to collect logs for an issue like this.
Thanks, JimM.  Dell Support updated the keyboard drivers.  When that didn't work, they ran low on ideas.  Hence the factory reset.  I will open a support case.
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I'll add just one other thing preliminarily that I recall.  One case I worked on was resolvable by updating the mouse driver, which although labeled as a mouse driver, actually served some function with a bundled keyboard. You might try that too. Otherwise, support will take care of this for you.
Thanks, the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse were bundled, so it certainly is worth a try.  Unfortunately, the USB keyboard was brand new and suffered the identical problem. 
I will report after starting the support case.
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Dave, I was looking for your support case to update this topic, but I'm afraid I'm not finding it under the same email address you used for signing up on the Community. If you have a moment, could you let us know how the issue turned out?