"Full Scan" causes my computer to crash

  • 15 December 2012
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When I run a "Full Scan" my computer inevitably crashes. I get a blue screen, lots of words, stuff about tables and file dumps. Then I turn off my computer and when I restart I have the option screen about Safe Mode, Normal Mode, etc. Any ideas/solutions to having my computer not crash when running "Full Scan?" It does not happen with any other type of scan.
Thanks in Advance!

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3 replies

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Hello Eric and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
It's not necessary to do Full scans default Deep scans are enough but it also shouldn't crash so I would ask you to Submit a Support Ticket so they can check your logs with there log gathering utility then they can tell what's going on!
Also have a look at this Article about Scans:
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Hello Eric, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
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The article referenced by TripleHelix is extremely useful and explains why you should use the default scans. However, if you are receiving bluescreens, there may be an underlying issue that we can investigate through our support system if you would like.
You can [b]TripleHelix's response and use the default scan settings.