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  • 28 October 2021
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I am writing this from information given to me from my grandfather so I apologize if this is a bit vague, I will do the best I can. Over the weekend my grandfather got a call claiming they were from microsoft and that his computer had a virus and that he needed to follow their instructions to remove it. This involved uninstalling his current anti-virus and installing a suite of programs including Webroot. They then asked for a large sum of money for the virus removal and activation of the new anti-virus software for a 5 year warranty period. All of this was done over the phone and he did not write any of it down so we have no clue what the key was that they gave him or any other relevant information. The only info they gave him for future contact was the geek squad number, and when he tried to call the number they have no record of the transaction (of course). Is there any thing we can do to potentially find the key that they gave him and the details of his subscription; if there was one? If more info is needed I can try to provide it the best I can.


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Hello @pleasehelp Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum.

This sounds like a Microsoft scam to me. The first thing I would do is contact Webroot Support by phone. Maybe they can do a remote on your grandfathers computer to see if the person (scammer) put anything on his computer that would track what’s being done on that computer. After contacting Webroot I would advise watching all his financial accounts and changing all passwords. Cancel the credit card transaction if one took place with the scammer. 

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