Had to Disable Webroot Filter Extension

  • 9 March 2015
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I had to disable the Webroot Filter extension because it was causing Mozilla FireFox to hang up and freeze.  After I disabled it, FireFox is working fine, now.  When I enabled the extension, FireFox would freeze up and I had to shut it down using the Task manager.  Then, when I would launch FireFox again, I would get an error message that it was still running and that I needed to restart the PC.  It became quite annoying.
Can anyone tell me what this extension does?  Was it safe to disable it?  By disabling it, did I compromise any security to WSA?

2 replies

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Hello  and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
  • Support for new web filtering rollout.

"Support for new web filtering rollout - it hasn't rolled out yet, but we're deploying the new driver-based web filter to make sure it installs properly before we turn it on for everyone.  The old web filter is still in place and being used, and we'll let you know when it switches over to the new one."
Wow!  Thanks for the info!  Is the web filter for searching only?  I noticed now that I'm not getting a website rating anymore after I disabled the filter extension.  Is there any other protection it was providing?
I found other users who have had this issue, so this is great news!