has anyone run into a problem with webroot and windows 10 in that webroot detects threats and when I

  • 8 August 2015
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I recently downloaded and installed Windows 10. When webroot scans my computer and detects threats and click the continue button to remove them, Windows displays a messsage that says that the PC encountered a problem and that it needs to gather information about the error and then it restarts - and usually runs much slower after the restart. Anybody else had this problem and if so how does it get fixed?

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Hi wildmustang4u2
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I have not heard of that one.  Does the message (which I presume is a Windows message) have any code or indication as to the source of the issue, and if not then could you give us the text of the message as that might help us to locate it and any information that relates to it?
Also does WSA given any indication of there being an issue with it, i.e., does it close, remain open, etc.?  I suspect that the final outcome may well be that you need to Open a Support Ticket so that that the Support Team is made aware of the poteneial issue involving WSA...but some further informastion may allow us to progress a little further before you need to contacst Support.
Regards, Baldrick