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  • 15 February 2013
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Hi i have a new tablet (Android) and i am trying to get my AV onto it , However its saying my user name and or PW is incorrect , I do not want to reset my password again as i have done that now 3 times , Thanks

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12 replies

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Hi jkashirsky, and welcome to the forums!
What version of the PC software do you have installed on your computer and which Android app are you trying to use (specific name and price)?
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I suspect that you might not have the correct Android version for your computer version.  As this is posted on the WSA Antivirus section, I assume that is the version you have on the computer.  If you have downloaded the free WSA Complete Mobile version on the phone, it will not allow you to log in as that is for use with WSA Complete on the computer.
You may need to remove it, and then look for and download WSA Mobile (Not Complete)
It is sometimes hard to tell the difference, so look in the descriptions.  If it says "WEBROOT SECUREANYWHERE MOBILE COMPLETE extends Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Complete protection to your mobile device." it is not the correct version for use with a WSA Antivirus computer account.
I hope my guess is correct and that this helps you out a bit.  If not, please let us know!
Well I have Windows 8 , and Android 4.0 , Web Root secure anywhere Antivirus !
And the price , it came with my Laptop when i bought it from Best Buy 
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What is the exact name on the Webroot Box?  Antivirus, Complete, Internet Security?
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Hello jkashirsky and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
If you have the AV only it does not support mobile devices and is only good for one PC so like David asked we need to know which version?
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Did you take a look at our knowledgebase article on this subject?  That is available here.
Sorry it's just the Webroot Secure anywhere Anti Virus 
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Were you able to take a look at the knowledgebase article I liked to above? Was it helpful, or are you continuing to run into the same problem?
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Hi Jim,
Isn't mobiles not supported with the AV only version as in this case?
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I think there are two free versions for Android: the one that goes with the WSAC, but also a lighter, less featured one that is free ,but does not use the license key of the PC product.  If I log into my console, and go to Mobile Security, Add a Device, it seems to have different links for WSAC users and WSAA users to obtain the mobile version.
"Not a SecureAnywhere Complete/Internet Security Plus User?
Get our free apps for Android or iOS, or the Premier app for Android:"
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I suppose it's possible he has two keycodes, but the one I'm looking up from his registered email address tells me he's on WSAI rather than WSAV, so I'm not entirely certain how he came to the conclusion he's on WSAV. If it's WSAV, you're right, but I'm not sure it is.