Hi bob1cle here - am new - wondering if "scanning for malware" means all web dangers to my pc?

  • 24 March 2016
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Have heard lately about trojans and in past names of bad stuff i can't remember besides viris.  Pretty new to such terms, just tend to trust the old security software.

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Hi bob1cle
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I do understand you concerns but I can assure you that WSA is right up there with the best, if not being the best, when it comes to protecting your devices. It is cloud based which means that you are always up to date in terms of the defnition of both good and bad files so that makes the scans and the determination of what should and should not run on your system very, very update to date and ahead of those that rely on signature/definition downloads.
Please see below as to how WSA works in relation to this:

Hope that helps, and if you ahve any further questions please ask away.
EDIT: I should add, for completeness, that WSA is an anti MALWARE application which covers not only viruses & trojans, tradtional threats, but also keyloggers, exploits, ransomeware, etc., or the more recent (dare I say more 'modern') threats as well.
Regards, Baldrick