How do I remove a PC from my list?

  • 16 August 2012
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I installed webroot on a computer that I was giving to a friend to see if it had any viruses (the virus protection that was installed was out of date) but I just uninstalled it on that computer how do I remove it from the list of PC's that are protected when you login to your Webroot account? Its still saying its protected.

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16 replies

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Hello TiffanyMires, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
To delete a computer from your Webroot Account, on your account go to that computers profile that you want to delete and deactivate in "Advanced Options"

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What do I do since I don't have the advanced option? Is there I a way I can still do it without that option? And I was going to do a screen shot but I don't know how to paste it into this message.
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Go into My Webroot and click on the PC you want to remove and then you will get the options as ProTruckDriver suggested!

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THERE IS NO ADVANCED OPTION! I go and click on both PCs and the only options i get are "About" and "Scan Information". Why don't I have another option????
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You should have the "Advanced Option" on your account. A Webroot Employee will have to look at your account to find the problem. There should be someone from Webroot online soon.
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If the user you are signed in as has Basic permissions instead of Admin permissions, the Advanced Options tab will be missing.  To provide yourself with Admin capabilities, click your username at the top right of the screen, go to Manage Users, click the little person with the pencil on the right side, and set PC Security to Admin on the Access & Permissions tab.  Then you should have the Advanced Options tab available to you when you return to PC Security.  🙂
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Hmm, I just signed into my account from the "Limited Account" side and I could see the "Advanced Option" like I posted. I don't know if you can actually deactivate the computer because I didn't go that far. Advanced Options shows on both Limited & Admin side of Win XP.
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Right, but I'm not referring to a Limited vs. Admin account in XP. I'm referring to Basic vs. Admin rights in the online console.
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Got it!. I misunderstood. 😳
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No problem PTD! Your initial answer was correct for anyone with admin permissions in the online account. Thanks for helping out. 🙂
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Thank you! That is what the problem was!!

I am tryiung to deactivate 4 PCs from my account. I have logged in and got to the PC security tab. Clicked on a listed PC. I get the About and Scan Information tabs but not the Advanced tab. What am I doing wrong?
I accessed this from my webroot software My Account place.
Duh never mind I reread the reread and found it LOL. Sorry long day.
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Hello @  and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Glad you got it sorted! If you have any other issues or questions feel free to ask!
Daniel ;)
I have done the things recommended by JimM and I am listed as administrator but I still don’t get an advanced options tab, I get a commands tab. I was already listed as administrator but I reclicked the choices and restarted my web console all to no avail.
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Hello arfrancois,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Have you deactivated your PC from the online Account Console as shown Here
If you are still having troubles you can Submit a Support Ticket and they will glady sort this out for you free of charge with an active subscription.
Hope this helps,