How does a six-minute Webroot scan complete in less than one minute?

  • 14 May 2023
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I am not sure Webroot is truly working properly on my computer. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it more than once and the same thing continues to occur. Using today as an example, this is what happens when I turn on my computer the first time in a given day (laptop running Windows 10):

I pressed the power button. Then, I entered my Windows password. As soon as the desktop screen popped up, I opened the Webroot product window, which showed that less than five minutes earlier, a scan of 6 minutes and 24 seconds was completed and that the next scan will occur in 24 hours. How is this possible when the computer has only been turned on for less than two minutes?

In the past, I noticed that when I hovered over the icon for Webroot right after turning on my computer (the one on the desktop page's taskbar, to the right of the arrow for the hidden icons), it would show it was scanning. More recently, I noticed this was no longer happening --  and, that when I open the product window, I get messages saying a scan has just occurred - even though there hasn’t been enough time for the scan to have occurred.

What is going on? It does not inspire confidence to have the product SAY it just did a scan when the computer hasn't been on long enough for that scan to have occurred!!!


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Hello @88Phyd 


It’s in the settings and this is the way I have it setup because I want it to scan at 1pm everyday and I don’t care if it misses a scan because the Realtime Shield is always running and will catch anything bad that tries to run on my system.




Types of shields

Webroot includes the following types of shields:

  • Realtime Shield monitors unknown programs to determine whether they contain threats. Blocks known threats from running on your computer that are listed in Webroot’s threat definitions and in our community database. You should never disable this shield.

  • Rootkit Shield blocks rootkits from being installed on your computer and removes any that are present.

  • Web Shield blocks known threats encountered on the internet and displays a warning. The Web shield maintains information on more than 200 million URLs and IP addresses.

  • USB Shield monitors an installed USB flash drive for threats, blocks and removes any threats that it finds.

  • Offline Shield protects your system from threats while your computer is not connected to the internet.

  • Script Shield protects your system from malicious scripts.

  • Foreign Code Shield (Windows only) protects your system from the latest advanced threats.

The shields are pre-configured based on our recommended settings. Advanced users can change settings if required.