How often does webroot update its threat protection?

  • 29 August 2015
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When I have purchased other antivirus programs I was always able to see how often the program updated it's definitions or threats.  How often does webroot update itself?  I cannot find any settings on my program to find out if it does this automatically or for me to set a timetable each day.
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2 replies

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Hello jinlisa, welcome to the Community!
Webroot works differently in that there is no need for bulky, slow, daily definition updates  The definitions are held in the 'cloud'.  As a result, the definitions are ALWSAYS up to date.  The moment Webroot has identified a threat, everyone globally is instantly protected against that threat without having to remember to download updates.
You do need to make sure that the program itself is updated, which is very easy.  Updates to WSA usually come ine automatically without the need for you to do anything.  Most of the time I do not even notice when it has updated to be honest.  
To make sure you are correctly set to have the WSA software itself automatically update, please check the following:
Open WSA
Click the Advanced Settings button at the upper right
In the default tab on the left, Install Options, the top item on the right panel should be checked to enable automatic updates.
That is all :)
I hope this helps!

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Hi jlnlisa
Welcome to the Community Forums.
The answer to your questions is...constantly. All the information on threats, etc., is held in the Webroot Cloud, and so is contantly updated. When yo scan the findings are sent to the Webroot Cloud for review and action...that is why there are no signature or definition updates with WSA.
Please see the following diagram for a graphical representation of how this works:

Hope that clarifies the position for you/adequately answers your question?
Regards, Baldrick