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How to Deactivate a PC

  • 20 March 2013
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How to Deactivate a PC
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How To Deactivate a PC in the online console:

  1. Log into your Account Console using an Admin login.
  2. In the main Console screen, select PC Security.


  3. Click the PC you want to deactivate.


  4. Select the Commands Tab.
  5. Click Deactivate.


  6. Click Confirm.


  7. Click Ok.



In the event you have Deactivated the wrong computer or changed your mind, you can Reactivate the PC


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3 replies

No "commands" tab appears on my screen.
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Hello and Welcome to the Community Forum,
What tabs do you see?
Is there more than one user profile (Online Account) set up under your Key Code?  I suspect that the profile you are signing in under may not be set for Admin access.  Once you log into the Account Console, are you able to click on the email address at the upper right hand corner and choose Manage Users from the drop down?
 Please look here
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Thank you so much for the advice.  It took a little bit of looking around, but I found what I needed to do thanks to your assistance.  Best Regards,