How to eliminate threats from sites I have not clicked on?

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I have heard from support.  I apparently deleted their first response in all the commotion. 
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Hi bleachers,

That's good news!

Thanks for letting us know! :)

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Yeah I just checked the ticket and it looks like they sent you a request for logs.  Let me know if you have any trouble using the system and I can help get your response entered.
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I've waited several days to respond after the last session with the tech, just to be sure of the result.  Another popup did happen after that session.  As I had reset Chrome, uninstalled and re-installed it (several times) I thought of something I had not tried.  I removed my Chrome profile and created a new one.  I did that on Tuesday and I haven't had a single unwanted popup since.  Problem appears to be solved.  I notified support.
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Hi bleachers
That is really interesting, and good to know...many thanks for sharing.
Regards, Baldrick