How to recover files erased by Webroot?

  • 18 April 2016
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I erased what I thought was a duplicate directory of my documents. I am not sure why, but there were about 10 duplicates of my documents directory?
Since it was the 1st time I've erased anything with Webroot and worried that all the directories might be connected, I tried to cancel the erase process after it started. 
After I canceled it I realized it was too late and my documents are gone 😞.
My erase setting is at normal. 
Is there anyway to recover these documents?
Appreciate your help!

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Hi Need2Know
Welcome to the Community Forums.
The bad news is that as far as WSA is concerned there is no feature avaialble from Webroot to recover files that you have deleted using WSA. The better news is that as you had the Erase feature set to 'Normal' then you may have some luck in scanning your drive with one of the many data recovery applications that are available (some of them as freeware). I cannot provide a list of these here as it would be contrary to Community Guidelines but if yo would like some suggestions you are welcome to private message me and we could proceed from there.
The key thing to do is to avoid rebooting or installing anything on your PC as all of that causes disk writes that may well permanently overwrite the disk sectors containing the files to be recovered.
Regards, Baldrick