How to remove Webroot from Windows 10

  • 10 November 2015
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I need to remove the anti-virus. Absolutely nothing I have tried has ulitmately removed the product once I restart the pc. Please advise before I have to format the entire drive.

10 replies

Hello ?
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
Sorry to hear you're having uninstall problems.
Normally Webroot should be able to be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel "Programs" option. Occasionally this option is not there.
Please have a look at this article regarding uninstallation issues.
Hope this info helps. If you still have questions or need more help, please ask. :)
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Hi ler001
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If I may just add to what BD has advised...if using the command line expression listed in the KB Article please make sure that you run it from an elevated prompt/command prompt as for best results the command line should be run with Admin rights.
If you do not know how to do that then please follow these instructions:
1. Right click on the Start Menu button
2. From the context menu displayed select/click on 'Command Prompt (Admin)'
3. In the window that opens copy/paste or type the command line expression & Press Enter
4. Answer 'Yes' to the 'Do you want to uninstall' voila.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
I had a trial use and cannot uninstall. Can't afford it right now. i had the program for a few years in the past and job loss means not in my budget,
I've tried the command lline removal in safe mode and stll cannot remove.
Any help?
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Hi swiftex
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Have you made sure that you are running the command line from a command prompt that has elevated rights, i.e., is being run as an Administrator?  If not then please try running the command line again but with Admin rights...if you need to know how to achieve that then please advise back.
Regards, Baldrick
Yes, command prompt in safe mode with admin rights. You may want to include your tutorial in order to double check what I've done is correct. Thank you.
Windows 10 safe mode has only one option for command prompt.
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OK, well it looks like the next best to do if that is the case, is to Open a Support Ticket to ask the Support team to assist you with the removal of WSA.
If you explain to them what you have tried then you should be able to figure out the best approach to removing WSA. I have to say that I am surprised by all of this as usually, command line, with Admin rights & in Safe Mode, will do the trick. :S
Regards, Baldrick
The webroot program and a text file sits in the folder "Program FilesWebroot" but if I delete those I'm sure they'll be orphan files. What do you think?
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Personally, I would open the support ticket and see what the Support Team say before you do anything. ;)
Agreed, thanks.