I do I get help with my webroot problem?

I can't tell if my post got posted. It says it was posted more than once. I have hit a total failure to get help from webroot. There is no phone, no chat, and this seems not to work at all. What do I do now?

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Further on my problem: What a mess. Apparently the post with the nature of my problem didn't get posted after all. This system is unclear and does extremely user unfriendly.
My problem is that I need to reinstall a program and Webroot won't let me (although I listed the website as trusted). This is important. The company with the program took control of my computer and tried to solve the problem. They could not find anyway to download the program. I was sent to Webrood which has no viable help services. I am going to post warnings on comsumer sites. Getting into the "community" is not promising and my effort have been largely unsuccesful to explain my problem. Maybe this will do it. WHAT A FAILURE WEBROOT IS IN PROVIDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT.
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Hi kmgrayphd,
Your post was made in the Ideas Exchange, which is an area for suggesting new product features.  I've moved the post to a troubleshooting forum for you, and we can get started troubleshooting.
That said, if you're looking for more direct support, since your issue sounds urgent, you can contact our official support department using any of the methods provided on the support page.  There is a phone number available by clicking "Contact Support" on that page and a way to open a support ticket if you click "Open a Support Ticket."
No matter which route you go, we'll be happy to assist you.  If you elect to continue troubleshooting on the community, please provide all of the following information to assist us in understanding more about the problem:

1. What program are you trying to install?
2. What makes you believe Webroot is blocking it?