i just had this computer serviced.. it says it has a virus webroot cannot clear. what do i do?

  • 20 January 2015
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how do i clear a virus webroot says it can't remove/?

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Hi rebeccarose
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If you had the computer serviced by The Geek Squad (Best Buy) then you should really contact them about what action to take next contact details and options can be found here)
If not then when you say that WSA is advising that you have a virus I presume that the colour of the main application panel has turned red?  If so then you can look in Quarantine (right click the gear/cog to the right of the PC Security tab and then click on the Quarnatine tab in the next panel displayed).  Do you have any items listed?  If so then what options do you have associated with them?
If not then what I would do is run another scan by clicking on the 'Scan My Computer' button in the main applicaiton panel and waiting for that to finished to see what WSA advises...if it has caught/intercepted an infection then it should advise of this and offer you a course of action which you should follow.  That will normally be followed by another scan to check that everything has been dealt with.
If that does not happen or you are confused or concerned bby what you have to do then please Open a Support Ticket, to advise the Support Team of the situation.  They should then be able to look into this for and resolve the issue.  This is free servcie for user of WSA with a current/active subscription.
Please do come back and let us know how the issue is resolved for you.
Regards, Baldrick