I really, really, need help in straightening out a problem with my account and/or email address

  • 2 October 2013
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Summary of the situation and what has transpired.
MANY months ago mail.com sort of quit working.  I found out that mail.com no longer allows mail to be sent using Outlook and will begin email retrieval.  I understand their reasoning and do not object.  However, that meant changing every account that used that email account to a different account.  Over a period of several months this was done and was completed, except for Webroot, many months ago.
There is nothing I can do to change my email address at Webroot.  Instead, Webroot had to handle the situation behind the scenes.  While I keep being told that the situation has been handled I keep getting emails at the mail.com address that are not received at the current address.  Every location (forum, support, account, etc.) that I can update myself was updated.  So, the issue is another behind-the-scenes fix.
I started getting renewal notices... you guessed it... at the OLD email address but not the new.  After that SEEMED to be corrected I resubscribed for a long as I could 3+ years for 3 computers.  This was done on September 23.
On October 1 a renewal notice was received.... wait for it.... at the OLD email but,... you guessed it.... not the new address stating that I would be auto-renewed.  Remember, at some point I won't even know some action has been taken because I was not notified.... due to the mail.com situation.
Is there *ANYONE* that can help resolve this issue?
BTW, I know this should be handled via support and, "trust me", I have been trying.  I am just looking for a contact to actually get the issue straightened out rather than intervention.

2 replies

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ExpertNovice, would you mind shooting me a private message with the old email address, the new email address, and your keycode?  I can take a look and ensure you're receiving emails at the proper address.  What might have happened is that you have more than one keycode, so you may be receiving emails about the old keycode at your old email address.  If you let me know these details via a PM, I can check.
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The undocumented keycode  (provided in the private message) was for Webroot Spy Sweeper instead of Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus.
The renewal notices and emails sent to the old email address from 2013-09-16 through 2013-10-01 only mentioned Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. However, the 2013-10-01 renewal notice actually listed the undocumented keycode.
One email dated 2013-09-02 mentioned Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus could be purchased for the same price as Webroot Spy Sweeper.
That "undocumented" keycode  was found in various emails beginning 2008-11-01 which was the initial purchase of Spy Sweeper!  Of course, at some point between 2010 and 2013 Spysweeper was swept into SecureAnywhere.
Hopefully this helps