Identity Shield issue (keys get stuck)

  • 23 November 2013
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So here's the issue...
- Launch game (in this case Star Wars: The Old Republic) in fake fullscreen (borderless windowed) mode.
- Open Firefox and keep it open so that the game is running background (Firefox window on top of game window).
- Start typing asdasdasdadadasdasdasda in texbox on web page
- Click the game windows active to hide the browser
- Character starts running circle because a, s, d or they all are stuck and you have to press those keys again to fix it.
This hurts multitasking a lot while gaming. I do not know if this is app specific but it certainly happens in SW:TOR. Disabling Identity Shield fixes this.
OS: W8.1 Pro x64, Finnish keyboard layout.

8 replies

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Issues like this should go through the support system so they can look at your logs so please Submit a Support Ticket and they will be happy to help you.
Daniel 😉
I've already posted same info on April and told this exact same info support ticket back then. Also emailed logs back then... It works just as poopy now than it did back then.
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Hi @ 
I know this sounds stupid but please trust me on this and give it a shot. WSA could be interacting with a quirk in one of the drivers you have. I have seen these things happen with the Identity Shield, though not this exact issue.
Go into Windows Update and make sure you're getting Microsoft Updates, do a re-scan, and look under optional updates for driver updates.
Then also visit your PC manufacturers website for chipset updates.
Thanks for the tip. I'm "hardware enthusiast" and I build my PC's myself. I also keep my drivers updated and install all available Windows updates when available. So in this case outdated drivers & windows is out of the question.
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What is your motherboard model, if you don't mind me asking? 
Intel may have a driver update for your chipset that your mobo OEM hasn't released.
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Sounds like the same JoeJ knows about it so please send in a new support ticket the more info they get the faster the fix.
Daniel 😉
I'll resend ticket.
I'm using the latest official Intel Chipset drivers.

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(Waiting for my new graphics card to arrive)
It's been rather lengthy support conversation already without any progress. I'm face palming quite hard, you guys would too...
FYI, this is related to the fix that fixed the lost first key issue when application was protected by identity shield.
I give up. Things aren't going anywhere. They barely read what I'm writing and I need to repeat same things over and over again. I'm quite sure that my subscription ends before anything happens. I'm definitely not going to renew my subscription. Haven't really used it after the bug come up. I wanted to give this a last try but nothing has been fixed.