• 17 April 2013
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Hi, My computer has gotten really slow in the last two days. Two weird things have taken place.
1. Wireless Network Connection in 'Network Connection' had disappeared. I had feared accidental deletion. Magically it appeared suddenly today. But even if I disable it using my hotkey( as I always do) the light at the front side stays on. And I've checked that it's really disabled.
2.  The CPU is moving to 70, 65 and sometimes 82%. Very unusual. System Idle Process takes up 45, 52 and 58%. System takes up 22, 27, 35%(Very unusual).
I've scanned with Hitman Pro for a second opinion. Nothing found. WSA is there of course.
I suspect infection. What you guys think? What do I do? I want my pc to go back to it's regular state. I want it to be fast like before.
System XP SP3 32 bit.
Best Wishes,

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3 replies

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Generally speaking its not in a virus best interest to break the network connection. If it breaks your net connection it cant steal your data/use your PC as a bot/drop files on your PC.
As for he spikes in CPU usage it really depends on what your PC is doing. Is your PC updating any programs in background? browser open? Is this a laptop or a PC? None of your symptoms would really indicate an infection. I am not saying it isnt however.
At a stretch spikes in CPU usage while the PC is idle may indicate a rootkit but I dont want you to think you have one! We would need full diagnostic logs however. I would do all the usual things first, flush temps, disk defrag, check task manager to see if any one application is using a lot of CPU/Memory.
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Hmm....I think you're right. I'll try out the things you mentioned and get back with the results tomorrow. If it doesn't get back I'll ask you for the diagnostic tool. Thanks Roy.
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Okay I can say now that it's not an infection. So nothing to do with WSA. Thank Roy. It's my crappy pc.