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  • 15 February 2012
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I spent hours trying to get iTunes reloaded after some issues with its file listings. When I went to Best Buy's GeekSquad for help, they advised my hp laptop was infected with a virus (not identified) that had scrambled my operating system (Windows 7 (x86). My data was backed up and Win7 reinstalled. When my data was returned to the laptop almost every file showed a duplicate (.old).  I have spent many hours removing this excess 'chaff'.  My only protection was Webroot, installed by Best Buy when I bought the laptop last May.  They still love Webroot, but I'm so convinced anymore. What do you recommend as backup? Webroot is running all the time............... Suggestions are welcome.  🙂

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First of all Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! If they said that you were infected you should of gone home with the laptop and contacted Webroot support because at this time we don't know for sure if it was an infection or a bad install of iTunes or something else and Webroot has a dedicated malware removal Team and would of looked at your scan logs and clean your computer for free if it was infected! So keep in mind if you think you are infected Please contact Webroot support for help!
EDIT: Also can you tell us what version of Webroot you are using? Is it the 2011 version or the new Webroot SecureAnywhere 2012?
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Thanks, TripleHelix!  Yes, putting in a ticket with our fantastic support team is the best way to get any infections taken care of quickly and safe. 
Let me know if you have any questions about putting in a support ticket and I'd be happy to help!
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Triple Helix has provided with the best answer.
I don't trust Geek Squad anymore. I had a problem with one of my family laptops (I described it posting an answer to the tag "technical problem" in the antivirus section). I knew it wasn't a virus problem (I ran different scans with Webroot and others antivirus software, all of them came up clean), so I took the laptop to Geek Squad and a couple of days later they said it was a virus problem. They asked me to pay 200$ for the virus removal. I told them they had misdiagnosed the problem (of course they denied it), so I asked for their diagnosis log... I was shocked! They had run 5 or 6 different antivirus software (webroot, kapersky, trend micro...) and only Spy doctor came up with 17 positives... just harmless adware!!! No positives from the others. They didn't try to find out if those 17 positives from Spy doctor were false positives. Finally the store manager admitted that "probably" it wasn't a virus problem.
Next time, if you think you have got a virus, it's better to check first with customer support. It might be a different problem... like the one I had :)
TH, now using Webroot Everywhere
Uvox,  I DID have the idea they were grasping at straws.  They also ran every virus checker they had in stock, but didn't give me anymore advice. They ended up recommending Webroot as their major fallback position, with the caveat that no virus protector can stop them all!  rsg938  🙂
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Good to hear! :D
Hi Does Anybody know how I can setup  a false positive software in webroot?
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Hi rdabus,
I assume that what you meant to ask was where you can submit a possible False Positive.  If this is what you meant to ask, the easiest and quickest way for us to evaluate a files(s) is to create a Support Ticket.
Create a Support Ticket
If the file(s) is deemed to be a false positive the information will be uploaded to our cloud database and then all users of SecureAnywhere will be automatically updated.
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If our software is finding one of your programs as a threat, we call this a false positive. We would first need to gather some logs and get more information about your computer and the program that is installed on your computer. Once we get some logs from you we will look at the file that we are finding as a threat to determine if the file is good or not. If it is then we can update our system and tell our program that the item is not a threat. So the first step will be to contact the Webroot support team and explain the situation so we can start to assist you.
Contacting Webroot Support
Fixed in version ?
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Hi Karimus,
I'm not sure I understand what specifically you are asking was fixed in  False positives are all unique situations, and to resolve a false positive we flag that file as a good file on our end.  That does not need to wait for a version release.  A situation like that is handled as soon as we know there is a problem with a detection.  If this information doesn't help to address your concern, could you please expand on your question?