Is it an infection?

  • 22 June 2013
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I've never seen the tiny window before. It only appeared yesterday. Can't do anything with it except closing the window. Is it an infection?
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Hi Amit:
I am no expert or tech but what I would do would first run a scan of your system, if its clean I would go back let say 3 days do a restore and see if that clears the problem up. If it just started yesterday also try to recall if you installed any new software. Again this is what I would do. Hope it works out for you
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Hey Amit next time you see it look at System Tools/ System Control/ and click Start Control Active Processes to see if anything is running under Monitor. Also do a scan and save the Scan Log and look for anything out of the ordinary and let us know.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I already scanned. Nothing came up. No process is being monitored. I would have resorted to the last and most dependable solution - a clean image restoration, if the window hadn't disappeared this afternoon. Funny thing I know. Maybe an OS prob after all. 🙂
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Good! 😃