Is my computer screen seen in another place?

  • 14 November 2013
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Salute to all...Sometimes in the morning when I try to open my Inbox mail and it does not open--In this instance I'm  receiving the following message, so is it possible another person is reading my e-mails?
"Windows Mail could not be started because another instance of it is still running on your computer. Please log off of windows and then restart windows mail. If th eproblem persist, save your work, and then restart your computer"
Yes I turned my computer off and then I was able to open the Inbox-Windows Mail.

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That message means that it Windows mail is still running so you cant open it again. What probably happened is that it didnt close correctly the last time and its still running in active memory but you cant see it. Firefox does this alot, when you rebooted it fixed this issue. Normally when this happens you can use task manager to kill the program in question so you can then re-open it. Its nothing to be worried about.
Thanks Rakanisheu. Yes, at that time I tried to open Task Manager but the computer I turned off and restarted the computer and then I was able to open the Inbox-Windows Mail.
So what can I do to be sure the Inbox close correctly at night.
-Will close it; &
-Will open Task Manager to be sure the Inbox is not in the TM list.
I will follow that procedure tonight, but will be watching to see what happens tomorrow.
Thanks for your answer.  I like to check with all of you when I have this type of problems.
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That is a good idea. I would recommend Process Explorer, it makes reading tasks much easier its colour coded. Its a Microsoft tool and it has the nice function of replacing the built in task manager (you can always reverse this)
I think the process explorer is for windows xp--Is that right?
...I have windows vista.
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It works in XP/Vista/7 I wouldnt bother using it in Win 8 as the task manager in 8 is brilliant. 
I saved the Process Explorer to the desktop. How is it works?
Usually I click in Alt CTRL & DEL to open task manager...How does the Process Explorer works.
The zipper folder of Process Explorer appears now in my desktop with three files: EULA (text document); & 2 procexp files--Compiled HTML & Application.
What should I do for the Process Explorer to work?Thanks. 
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Open up the application and you see a nice coloured version of task manager. If you like it you can use the option menu ->replace windows task manager
Wow, the things that I learn here! Thanks!
PROCESS EXPLORER: That's a lot of colors and a lot of information process..listed.
--Some of the "Process" listed lack of a "descriptions", but has a number--Is that fine?
--Different to the "Task Manager", I noticed that instead showing only the two sites I have open just now (now opened webroot and Inbox mail)...this "Process explorer" shows tons of information.
How can the Process Explorer  help me?....:$The task manager showed the items opened in my computer (usually I have one site and the inbox open) and if i wanted to terminate one of the open sites I close it ...The Process Explorer shows a lot of information in addition of the sites opened.
Sorry I don't know almost nothing but eager to help. At this time I just want to decide which one is easier for me or beneficial. I appreciate you helping me to learn something new, thanks.
Question: So now that I have Process Explorer--how that benefit for me..I see a lot of process list and a lot of colors and some process with number only without a description. Okay maybe my question what is the benefit of the Process Explorer versus the Task Manager? What the different colors means?
I also saw a program that I unistalled long time ago and I tried now to "suspend" or "Kill the process" disappeared for seconds from the list but came back with the words "embedded".Edit Update:-- I was able to remove the program I mentioned here using the Process Explorer--I right clicked in the previuosly unintalled application which still was appearing in the Process Explorer and clicked in "Suspend".
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Consider everyone here an expert, except for me!   Here are a couple of pointers for process explorer.
Colors translation
On the menu bar select "Options" and then "Configure Colors...".
How can it help you?
The primary way I use it is to find out what is preventing:
    a file from being deleted or renamed
    a USB drive from being ejected
Here is how.
On the menu bar select "Find" and then "Find Handle or DLL..."
In the "Handle or DLL substring:" enter one of the following
    The full path and file name of the file having an issue
    e.g. for Outlook 2010 on *MY* system
    C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14OUTLOOK.EXE
    e.g. for USB drive being accessed as F:
One of the items returned is the PID (Process ID).
Look in the list of processes in Process Explorer or Task Manager to find which process has the file or drive in use.
That specific process can be killed.  I always "End Process Tree".
Careful if "explorer.exe" is the process.  You might be able to kill it but then you must restart it from task manager to retain control of your system.  Often times it is best to shut the system down in an orderly fashion.
Finally, you stated, "I noticed that instead showing only the two sites I have open just now (now opened webroot and Inbox mail)...this "Process explorer" shows tons of information"
I'm not sure if this is the issue or not.  In task manager try clicking or checking "Show processes from all users".
Thanks ExpertNovice...I learned from your posting a little bit more about Process Explorer--Now I know about the colors and customize them. Thanks!
-Concerning your last is funny but I noticed for first time that under TASK MANAGER there are similar tabs with the same listing of the PROCESS EXPLORER. Before today, I was looking the "Applications" tab only that only showed the two items I was using-- e.g. Inbox & webroot. :$ Okay I understand this better. Thanks!
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Process explorer and task manager will show the same items, one just gives more information. Process explorer has to run as a process in order for it to work so you will see its own process in Task manager and Process explorer.