Is This a Webroot Message?

  • 15 June 2013
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Well, I was on our computer today and I noticed a small white box at the bottom of the screen saying "Installation Successful." or something and the options below the message were "Install Now" and "Install Later". Part of me wanted to click Install Now to see what it was installing, but in case it was a virus I didn't, so I clicked Install Later. Now I'm wondering if it might've been a message from Webroot. Any ideas...? I did a scan with Webroot and HitManPro and apparently no threats were found.

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The latest release is v8.0.2.147 and I have mine to install automatically how about you? So I have never seen it ask me for an update. From the Online Helpfile: Automatically download and apply updates, Downloads product updates automatically without alerting you.

Well does Webroot give messages like the one I described?
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Well does Webroot give messages like the one I described?
I don't think the message is from WSA. The setting TripleHelix pointed out is set by default in WSA. And I don't think any WSA user would uncheck the setting manually. Everybody wants their WSA to apply and download updates without a single noise.
That means only one thing. WSA would not give that kind of message. ;)
Thanks. I clicked Install Now and it turns out it's part of "VZW Software" that's Verizon. Haha.
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Glad you sorted it out.:) Even if it was virus, WSA got your back. With it's rollback feature you can rest assured when WSA detects the virus, all changes made by the virus would be rolled back. And no problem as if the virus was never there.;)