Key stil working after refund?

  • 31 May 2013
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I got a refund of Webroot because it was causing some BSOD in my system. But after I uninstalled Appguard, I did not get any BSOD anymore, so I think the problem was with appguard + webroot.
Now I want to buy Webroot again to use it alone in realtime, but my old key is still working in "My Webroot" console (it says I have 356 days remaining). Should I just add the new key in the console? How do I delete the old key?

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5 replies

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Hi, would you mind private messaging me the keycode that still shows days remaining on it?
To add a new keycode to your console, log into your online console, click your username at the top left, and click Manage Keycodes.  Then click Add Product Keycode.  🙂
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Hello alvgd and welcome to the Webroot Community! 
It looks like Jim has you well taken care of.  If you need any help in the future, remember to stop back in and ask!
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Hello alvgd and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
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This ended up being an issue on our end. Thanks for the heads up alvgd!