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  • 26 October 2012
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How do I transfer an existing license to a new PC (I assume for WEBRoot SecureAnywher AV - since there's nothing else listed in the product name thats installed on the PC) ?
I'm helping a friend who's laptop has sort of died (the screen failed; I'm using a monitor to work on it).  She has a new laptop to which I am transferring info.
I've not previously used WEBRoot and have not been successful in finding any instructions on how to install WEBRoot on the new laptop without having to purchase a separate license.
Even some process to get a free temporary license would be good.
Finally, I assume the license she has is for only one PC, but I can't figure that out either.

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Hi Jim,
We have a redownload request page you can use to help your friend.  She'll just need to enter her last name, the name of the product, and her registration email address.  Then check the box and click "Get Software."
If it was store-bought and wasn't ever registered with Webroot, that might be a bit trickier. 
If you have the keycode already, you just need to redownload and run the installer.
If she created a MyWebroot account, the keycode would also be on file there.
If ultimately it's a case of a lost retail box/keycode for software that was never registered, probably your best bet is to contact the store you purchased it at and see if they can help you.  In my experience, individual stores tend to vary in terms of how much they can help you with something like that, and it usually depends on their return policy.