LK Maintenance by Content Explorer

  • 14 February 2014
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Not sure if thei is the proper place to post this. I have a program that installed its self on my computer. In Uninstall software in control panel it is listed as LK Maintenance and the website listed for this program is Content 
The program hijacks my browser. When I try to book a flight on Delta it opens another travel site. When I clicked on the support link in Webroot it sent me here 
When I uninstall the program it will try to reinstall literally every minute until I reinstall it. Malwarebytes did not find a problem when I did a security scan. I checked Google and there is almost nothing about this out there.
I am going to reload windows to get rid of it but I wanted to see what Webroot had to say. 

4 replies

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This program?
How to remove Content Explorer
 I found that page before but didn't bookmark it so thaks for the link. I am still going to  reload Windows, just to be sure.
Thanks for your help Petrovic.
While Spyware Hunter was doing it's scan I decided to look for reviews and found this:
If I wasn't going to reload Windows I would be a little worried that I wouldn't be able to uninstall it. There are similar reveiws around if you do a search.
I'm not sure the cure is any better than the disease.
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Hello @  and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

True most other tools will do more damage than good with WSA installed it would be best to Submit a Support Ticket and they will let you know if you are free of any malware or PUA's and it's free of charge. Also stay away from iYogi as Webroot supports there own software like the Ticket link I posted above and here in the Community!