Lock over the green W logo--when should I expect to see the lock?

  • 15 November 2013
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The lock over the green W logo, in the lower toolbar, is not "contantly" there---sometimes I can see the lock but not all the time. For example I have noticed that when I click in "STAR" the lock disappears.
What is the difference of having the lock and not seen the lock over the "W" -- what I want to know is those situations I should expect to not see the lock picture over the green W logo? Thanks for your assistance.
When should I worry?

3 replies

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It's to let you know that Identity Shield is protecting your Browser session please see here: http://www.webroot.com/En_US/SecureAnywhere/PC/WSA_PC_Help.htm#C6_IDProtection/CH6a_ManagingID.htm & here: http://www.webroot.com/En_US/SecureAnywhere/PC/WSA_PC_Help.htm#C6_IDProtection/CH6c_ManagingProtectedApps.htm
Daniel 😉
Thanks...I notice that my computer has Windows Live Mail-"Feeds". I just check the window live mail for the first time and there are 588 feeds.
Do I need to add that application--"Windows Live Mail-"Feeds" to one of those levels (protect, Allow or Deny)?
If yes...what are the steps to add that application? (Not sure if that is an application, but the name appears under Programs.
If yes what is the correct level for "Windows Live Mail:$l-"--protect, allow or deny?
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You can add under protect then if it causes issues just remove from the list but don't forget that WSA has many shields to protect you!