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My name is Bartek and I come from Poland. I'm interested in security of computeres with windows.
I am a member of the Board Fullness there as Malware Hunter.
First of all, I have a question. Is there a section in which I can sumbit malware? I mean something like this:

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No to mamy nalot z SG :)
Chcia?em wrzuca? troszk? malware ale nie ma w?tka 😞
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Siema Waves!
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Hello Waves97,
Welcome to the Webroot Community!
The feature you are inquiring about is actually built into the program itself.  If you open Webroot SecureAnywhere and go to System Tools, you will see an area called Submit a File.  If you click on that, it will initially prompt you to open a support ticket.  That is one way of going about submitting the file in question if you want to do it that way.  However, if you click "No," you will get to a screen at which you can choose the file and send it.  Either way works.
Thank you for asking about this feature! 🙂
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Hello Bartek, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
Thanks JimM but I don't have a license for the program so I can't send malware. I want to help somehow in the effectiveness of the program.
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In order to provide us with the best data, the report would really need to be submitted via the software.  I'd advise downloading a free trial from here:
We do have some very capable threat researchers on staff, and most of our data is generated from their department.  We're always happy to look at new malware samples, but the only uploading functionality we have in place is through the software itself, as we assume that anyone wanting to send us a sample would be a customer (as is typically the case).  The trial should work well for that purpose though, so please use that.
Thank you for your interest in helping us improve!
I installed a trial version of Webroot 🙂 Can I send malware in archives with password via program?
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Puszczasz normalnie - bez has?a.
Normally send.
Read this topic:
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One thing that needs to be pointed out is that anything you scan with the program is already being hashed into an MD5 signature, which is then sent to us.  This is not the actual file itself, but a unique representation of it.  So with that trial, if you have an archive of files you are concerned about and scan it (you can use the right-click context menu for this), it will scan those files, check in with us to see how we are determining them already, determine them accordingly, and take action on them.  That action might include qurantining a file, monitoring it, or leaving it alone based on the determination data we already have.  Once we have seen a file initially, we have that file flagged in the database as either good, bad, or unknown.  The more reports we see on any given file, the easier it is to determine.  Those reports come in automatically from the software installed on millions of users' computers every time the files are scanned.  Usually there is no need to send up files themselves.  In your case, if you have a big zip file full of malware and want to see what Webroot does with it, try scanning the archive.  We will already be getting the determination data we are looking for when the zip is scanned.  If at that point you still believe sending us a sample is valuable, a support ticket would need to be opened.