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  • 25 December 2014
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Newbie here!  Was just wondering how I could have a malware virus when I have Webroot Malware protection?  Thanks for any help, ideas, or advice.

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Hi darla
A Yuletide Welcome to the Community Forums.
May I ask how you know that you have a 'malware virus' on your system?  If WSA is telling you this then it has done its job and has caught the citter.  If however WSA has not advised of anything untoward what makes you believe that you have been infected?  Are you seeing any strange behaviour, popup, etc., that are unusal...and if so then please provide us with more detail so that we can try to assist you.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you, and Happy Holidays to you!  Yes, I am getting the NetBroadcast Vent Window app that pops up when I'm trying to shut down my computer.  It's not the first time I've had this problem and it's not the only malware virus I've gotten.  When I contacted HP, they made me do a factory reset.  I'm getting pretty tired of doing that every time, since I have to re load all the programs that I normally use.  It's getting old, ya know what I mean?  Thanks for any help!
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Hi darla
Many thanks for the additional information.  From the research I have conducted I believe that what you are seeing is not a 'malware virus' but rather an application intgeration with Windows issue.
If you check on the Web (Google "Net Broadcast Event Window") you will find numerous references to users having this problem and as far as I can see it is not malware-related.  This link is to the Microsoft Support forums and may be of assistance in terms of assist ing you to understand what the issue is or where it may lie.
As I am not overly well versed in Windows I am afraid I can do no more than point you in the direction of this information.  Perhaps one of the more technical members may be able to help here.
My apologies for that.
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you for your response.  I can honestly say that Windows 8/8.1 totally suck!  I've hated it from the day I bought it.  Nothing but problems and not user friendly at all!  I thought that the new Windows program, whether it be 9 or 10, was going to be free for us unfortunate fools that bought 8, but I haven't heard a word about it yet.  I was just browsing on my page on FB and my computer went totally nuts.  Everything was doubled and if I tried to click on anything, that whole block would turn black and follow my cursor wherever I moved it to.  How crazy is that??  I'm about fed up with it already and just want to toss the laptop over the balcony!  But, instead, I just clean out my temp files and my java and reboot....AGAIN!!!!  Just doesn't seem right after paying an arm and a leg for a new laptop!
Thanks again...I suppose I will just have to talk to HP again and do another factory reset, since they're the ones that told me that this was a malware problem.  They tried telling me to download a malware program that is available for free, but supposedly Webroot has and is protecting me already, so I didn't bother with another one.  I'm so confused, since you're telling me that it's not very likely a malware problem.  Ugh!  Hating computer technology so much right now!
Have an awesome day and a Happy New Year,
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Hi darla
Am sorry to here that you are not happy with Win8.1, which is a great improvement on my personal opinion.
The good news is that it looks like the Windows 10 Technical Preview that is currently out has been well received and there is also general consensus in the knowledgeable press that Microsoft will take a leaf out of Apple's book and make Win 10 a free upgrade for the users on Win 8/8.1...nothing officially said yet but we should not have long to wait if that is the case.
Now, if your laptop is new and still withing warranty I would try taking it back to the retailer and seeing if they will get it fixed or preferrably replaced under warranty, especially if you can demonstrate to them how Windoes behaves.
In terms of getting a second opinion on whether there is malware or some other nasty on your laptop please PM me (send a message using the Messages option in the top right hand corner of the eab page), if so minded, and I will be please to provide you with the links for a couple of other apps that you could try running for a 2nd or 3rd opinion...if anything to prove that WSA is correct and nothing has gotten through to infect you machine.
Wishing you a Happ New Year too.
Regards, Baldrick
I'm not sure where the eab page is?  I don't even see where the "messages" option is?  Yeah, I know...I'm computer iliterate!  :@
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Hi darla
Take a look at the screen capture below for an indication of where to look, for the future, as I will take your last email as a 'Yes' and PM you myself:

Regards, Baldrick
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Hi Aime
Please do not reference or provide links to 3rd party malware removal sites and/or instructions as this is contrary the the Community Guidelines.
Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.
Regards, Baldrick