My PC isn't showing up too add a PC for protection

  • 26 April 2015
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need help on fixing the issue 

1 reply

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Hi Eh399I83
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Is what you are reporting that your PC is not showing up as a device in your Web Console as a device under the 'PC Security' tab?
If that is the case then firstly, rest assured that you are covered by the WSA client/app runing on your local system.
Secondly, try running a scan: I know when installing the device that sometimes it will not show up in the Console until the first scan has been completed so possibly running a scan manually will work.
You might also log into the Console (here), go to PC Security, then at the upper right change the View drop down to Deactivated PC's to check to make sure that the PC did not get marked as Deactivated somehow.  If it did, you can reactivate it by clicking it, click Commands tab, and click Reactivate.
I am sort of guessing at the nature and cause of the issue so if the above does not help then please do come back to let us know, and also provide more detail to the issue so that we can see how we may try to help further.
Regards, Baldrick