My system scan results says "An active process has a possible memory leak ( Microsoft EdgeCP.exe )

  • 14 March 2016
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My system scan keeps telling me "An active process has a possible memory leak (Microsoft EdgeCP.exe)

6 replies

Hello ?,
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I get the same results from a system scan, although I'm using Firefox. No need to worry, though. It seems that all browsers suffer from memory leak. If you want, you can periodically restart your browser to combat this, but it really shouldn't have any impact on your system unless you are running a very old system with low RAM.
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Hi Susanri
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If I may add to what BD has the past it has been Explorer.exe (another Microsoft executable, and a key one at that) that used to be regularly reported as having a "possible memory leak"...and now with the advent of Windows 10 it is the turn of another one, in this case one of the processes that make up the Edge browser.
I strongly suspect that as it is related to a browser the notification may just be due to the fact that when you ran the analyzer Edge was being heavily taxed, i.e., you may have had several tabs open in it, etc., and possibly there were other processes running too, and that if you run the analyzer without anything else open other than Edge you will find that the warning will not be raised.
I have just tried this on my system and get a score of 100/100...with or without Edge running. ;)
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Thank you!
Thank you for your help!
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Hi Susan27
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Not quite sure how I helped but if I did then you are most welcome. :D
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Hello SusanriI,
I agree with @ and@Baldrick that it is probably not a real issue to be concerned about.  This is especially true if you are not experiencing a lot of additional problems.
If you want to be sure there are many tools to find and evaluate memory leaks but the easiest it probably the built in task manager.  I assume you are using Windows 10.  There are many ways to open the task manager but the easiest is probably to right-click blank area on the taskbar, and choose Task Manager in the context menu.
From the task manager tabs, select Details.
Scroll down the left side under names and find the application in question, such as Microsoft Edge.
This is only one of the available memory pools but you can look at the “Memory (active private working set) and take note of the memory size.
Memory usage size will grow over time but if it grows abnormally you will notice it if you continue to If you check this occasionally and follow the trend. 
It is not uncommon for browsers to use a lot of ram and usage is dependent on  things like how many tabs and other processes you use during a browsing session.
Again, as my colleagues have indicated, I would not worry.
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