NBMiner is being stopped by Webroot AV

  • 30 December 2021
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^ Title says it all.

I have been using NBMiner for a little bit now.

And its worked fine.

However, around the same time I had a remote session to fix Battlefield 2042’s issues (Which by the way didn’t work, *Read below for that*) Webroot seemed to just ignore NBMiner’s whitelist and just close it anyway.

I’ve whitelisted NBMiner.exe, CMD.exe, Eth.bat, etc. etc.

Despite this, NBMiner still gets shutdown repeatedly, this is the same for TRex Miner as well.

Is there any way to just say to the AV: “NO, NBMiner GOOD! NO DELETE PLS!”

Because I can’t find a way…


=Below this is about battlefield 2042=

(*Read below from before*)

Battlefield didn’t launch after the fix session, so after that I reinstalled it and it still didn’t work. I was told to call back, but the offices are now closed for the holidays. (I’m probably just going to wait on a new Webroot patch or EAC patch. (It would be nice to get some info on when that comes out))


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Hello @Sparkar 


It’s best during this time (Holidays) is to Submit a Support Ticket as they are staffed and hopefully they can help you sooner rather than later.