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  • 19 December 2012
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I am a new member and just put SecureAnywhere on my PC.  It is a Dell computer with Windows XP Home Edition.  I am using Firefox as my search engine.
Right after I installed the program on my computer I noticed that many times (but not all times) my keyboard would not function properly when chatting on Facebook.  I have also noticed the same problem when trying to send email messages.  The letters start to become capital letters and the puncutation keys don't work properly either.  Any ideas?
Thank you.  I look forward to your replies.

BTW I am not very computer literate so you will need to be very basic in your explanations.  SMILe

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2 replies

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Welcome to the Community bappel.
Is this only occuring in Facebook? Please reply with the browsers this has occured on and if you have tried resetting them. It could also be the Identity Shield which can cause similar affects on external keyboards. You can try switching the protected keyboard processes from Protect to Allow which leaves some ID shield functionality but disables the keyboard filter that is normally active when the processes are open. Please update the thread with your results.
Changing Keyboard processes to Allow:
Open SecureAnywhere>click the Identity & Privacy tab>click View/Edit Protected Applications>switch your external keyboard processes to Allow
If you want to reset your browsers:
Resetting Internet Explorer
Resetting Mozilla Firefox
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Hello bappel, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃