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  • 4 October 2012
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Good morning.
I just bought a 3 license copy of WebRoot on Tuesday and it installed perfectly on my main computer , an XP Pro SP3 machine. I set up my account on My Webroot so I have access there. It shows one computer covered and then an "Add New Computer" icon which looks simple enough.
Yesterday, we received a new laptop (Lenovo Z580) with Windows 7 installed. After the initial setup, I accessed My WebRoot on the new computer and used the "Add New Computer " button. It would not accept the Key Code, even after three careful attempts, so I contacted Support with the issue.
This morning I receive a brief reply from support with a link and instructions to follow the link, enter my email address and the designated password to see the response to my issue. On my old computer, I clicked on the link and the first screen shows a box to enter my email address and at the top of the screen a notice about needing to use cookies and an "Accept Cookies" button. I clicked the button and entered my email address. The next screen asks for the password, but again shows the cookie info at the top and the same "Accept Cookies" button. I click it again and enter the password the support sent me in the email. The screen returns to the "Enter Email" screen with the same Cookie request at the top. Tried that three times with no success. I was on my MSN Explorer which I know has issues once in a while with certain websites.
Then I tried my Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with the same result. I cannot get to the support response.
So, then I go to the new laptop, thinking that maybe I need to be on the machine that opened the support ticket. This time I used the newest Internet Explorer with the same result. Round and round I went with the same two email and password screens with the dang Cookie button.
And yes, my computer is set up to accept cookies. My privacy is set on Medium.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey rockethead26,
Do you still have the email with the download instructions that you used to install on your main computer? If so, just follow them on your new computer.
Once you run the installer and activate your keycode on the new computer, it will appear in the "PC Security" tab portion of your "MyWebroot" account.
If you no longer have that email or just want some help with the install, let me know and I'll walk you through it.

Thanks for the reply. I just tried your suggestion by executing the download direct from my email on the laptop and it still will not recognize my key code (Please enter a valid Key Code). It's like I was issued a single license code instead on one for three licenses.

Any other suggestions?
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Hey rockethead26,
Sorry to hear you're still having the problem. Can you please Private Message me the keycode you tried to activate on your new computer so I can reference it in our system?
PM sent.

The Key Code issue was due to a stupid mistake on my part. I learned a long time ago to cut and paste Key Codes, but in this case I had printed out the WebRoot instructions I had received and carried them downstairs to the new computer to activate it. An "l" in the key code printed out to look exactly like an "i" so I was mistyping the code everytime. Thanks fo Yegor for reminding me of my third grade computer lesson.
All is well in WebRoot land, except of course, why I couldn't log in to the support site for my message because of the cookie issue.