No green check mark to advise if site safe

  • 9 March 2019
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Chrome is being used and the extension for Webroot is on. The only indicator I have is when I click a site to open them the W in the corner turns to a check mark. When clicking on it then it says the site is safe. Do you know if this is a new change?

thank you

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Hi Orion65

Welcome to the Community Forums.

For some reason this occasionally happens...nit sure why but personally I leave it and usually shortly thereafter all is back to normal. But if this is worrying you then you could try an uninstall/clean reinstall (can provide instructions if required) as another way of trying to resolve the problem.

In terms of no check marks this is not in a diminution of Webroot's protection; if you happen to go onto a malicious site as a result of not being warned then Webroot's shields will pick up on and dispose of any malware that the site tries to drop on your system/protect your identity, etc., as per normal.

The "W in the corner" turns to a check mark feature is not brand spanking new but newish and just indicates the reputation of the website that you are on so if you do end up on a malicious site or a site with a low reputation you will see either the orange '-' (suspect) or red 'X' (malicious) in place of the green "W in the corner".

But I suspect that before you get to that you will be present with a Webroot warning page that offers the chance to avoid going to the site clicked on, etc.

So, bottom line is that you are still well protected.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick