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  • 5 February 2013
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Question 1:
BEFORE, Notepad it is flagged "Protect" it would be nice to understand why the default is "Deny".  Is it really more dangerous compared to Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access? 
This comment was added after posting:  I just saw the post about clipboard issues when Internet Explorer is running.  I did not decte issues with clipbard as text could be copied to and from the four applications mentioned and Internet Explorer.  Only Notepad was impacted and it was flagged Deny.
Reason this question is being asked:
One or two days after reinstalling Webroot the ability to paste into Notepad was lost; other tested applications were fine.  (Even text copied from Notepad can't be pasted in Notepad.)
Question 2:
Since I don't want my passwords stolen KeePass was added and flagged "Protect".  KeePass won't start.  Remove the entry.  KeePass works.  Nothing in the explanation suggests a Protected Application won't start and since the application has "full access to data on the system" I'm not sure why it would fail to start.  Any suggestions?
The definition of "Protect" in "Protected applications" is
     secured against information-stealing malware, but also have full access to data on the system.
     If desired, you might also want to add other software applications to protected, such as financial
     management software.
Edited to add comment about Internet Explorer.

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This one is going to need to go through support.  We're trying to iron out all of the oddities we're seeing with automatic key entry software.  They all have to be handled individually because they all present in a unique way.  Logs are important and support has a meticulous reproduction method to go through in order to gather additional data.  Please contact support on this one so we can get it resolved quicker.
One thing I would make an educated guess on is that Notepad only would have been set to Deny if Keepass was set to Deny at the time it interacted with Notepad.
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Thanks.  Two cases were opened.  One for Notepad.exe and the other for KeePass.
I couldn't see how to post the files, logs, etc. normally requested so will wait until requested.
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TechSupport responded to my Notepad issue, but with a subject of KeePass.
No response about KeePass, yet.
While responding to the Notepad question I noticed that Webroot has added KeePass back to the list of Protected Applications.  (I had added, preventing KeePass from starting, then removed the entry.)
Strange that it would be automatically added when it had never been added before!
TechSupport states Notepad should not have been added as it would cause problems.
So, now I have two commonly used applications that Webroot has automatically added as a Protected Application.  Notepad (flagged deny) and KeePass (flagged protect).
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It looks like the support case for this issue was closed out a few days ago, with KeePass now working properly while set to Protect and Notepad removed from the list. Since this issue was brought up, there was a fix that went into a recent build that may have helped to contribute to the solution. If the problem happens again, please let us know.