Old computer broke while still with active webroot can I use on new computer with old subscription?

  • 29 March 2012
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    Hardware failure on my old computer forced me to buy a new one.  Is my webroot secure anywhere antivirus  able to be activated on my new computer without buying a multicomputer licsence as it will only be on one. Thanks for any info. I have access to webroot my console. For validation purposes if needed.

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Yes you should and if you have any issues just contact the Webroot support inbox as they will be happy to help you Submit a Support Ticket
  I haven't figured out where to get the software download. Only see purchase options. Thanks.
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@ wrote:
  I haven't figured out where to get the software download. Only see purchase options. Thanks.
Here it is one installer for all versions!
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Hey there Jimmy2,
TripleHelix had a great response by the way and that should solve your issue. Here are several great steps for you if you run into any more problems!
1. If you simply need to download the software again you can follow the link that TripleHelix posted . Or you can navigate through your My Webroot Account under the drop-down arrow next to your email to the "Downloads" section.
2. If you are having trouble locating your keycode you can also find this in your account under the "Manage Keycodes" option which can be navigated to from the drop-down arrow on your associated email address.
We do not limit the number of installations you can run but we do limit the amount of computers you can install on.
With this, if you get a notification that you have installed the SecureAnywhere software onto too many computers you can open a support ticket and specify which PC name should be removed here! :D
Thanks and please let us know if this was a solution to your issue!
I used the download link. And everything is fine now. In chrome App store I noticed an extension called WRexplorer. It says that webroot makes it. But I didn't see it at their website. Can you confirm this is Webroot product? Thanks.
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Hi Jimmy!
The WR explorer Chrome extension is our product and uses reputation technology we acquired through a company called Brightcloud, but it is not part of the Webroot SecureAnywhere (WSA) product line. Brightcloud also provides an extension for Firefox called BRexplorer.
That being said, we don’t recommend that you use BOTH WSA and one of these extensions. Mostly, because if you have WSA, the extension is simply not necessary.
Webroot SecureAnywhere will protect you regardless of the browser you’re using. The protection is there – even when the annotations don’t appear in your browser.

One last note on this: Reputation is not the full picture when it comes to a security assessment. For example, a brand new site that is perfectly safe may have a low reputation score, but that's only because it's new - not because it's a risk to you. 
Hope this helps to clear things up!