OPT_OUT from Auto Renewal Question

  • 25 November 2013
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I just purchased directly from Webroot's online website a deeply discounted holiday special 3-Seat 3-year WSA and downloaded the installation file and saved the Key info in a secure physical location.
However, I'm not ready to use it until approximately 10 months from now on 3 machines.
After reading the the auto renewal disclosure, I was wondering if my subscription clock might somehow start ticking prematurely if I chose today or tomorrow to Opt-Out from auto renewal per the posted instructions?
Or, should I wait until I actually install the this new subscription on the 3 machines in 10 months before performing the auto renewal opt-out procedure?  
Also, if I do opt-out of auto renewal, may I still manually renew without having to reinstall WSA (as long as I do it before my subscription has expired)?
I'm a big fan of Murphy's Law and we are talking about the later part of 2017, which is way out there, and who knows where I'll be at that time when auto renewal finally comes up for this subscription.
Thanks for a great product,

1 reply

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Do not activate the Keycode if you do not want to use it. Auto-renew can be cancelled very easily with one email.